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For Emyli Fans
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18th-Jan-2011 06:25 pm - *New Emyli Interview 2011*

If you are only just now discovering Emyli, then you are definitely missing out on raw talent. This Jpop singer, songwriter and dancer has been working hard at becoming an entertainer for as long as she can remember. Now on the verge of dropping her second studio album, and with the release of two singles: “Wanna Dance“, and “Take Me Away“, Emyli hopes to take her music to international ears. There’s just no stopping an artist with undeniable talent.

Watch the pv for her hot song “Tekito Lover” ft. VERBAL (M-flo), and read the interview below for more: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=eLWDdp3wVU0

1. Where in Japan are you from, and how did you become a musician?

I’m from Tokyo. I sent in a demo tape to a record company when I was 14, they liked it, and they signed with me immediately. I released my first single CD when I was 15.


2. In an already packed industry, how does your music differ from the rest in terms of style?

I try to focus on having a solid melody line—not a monotonous one, but more wave-like—on every song of mine, whether it be an R&B flavored song, a Rock tune, a jazzy song, etc. I also try various types of genres—regardless of the “trend” in the industry—I basically write my own music and I write about things that actually happen in my life.


3. Who are some of your favorite artists local and international?

I just discovered an amazing rock band in Japan called Back-On. My all-time favorite artists are Mariah Carey, Christina Aguilera, and Pink.


-”I want to be like him. I want to be a girl version of Michael Jackson”.

4. You started studying ballet, hip hop dance, and singing from a young age. Did you always wanted to be an entertainer?

Yes, as long as I can remember. I used to watch laser discs (not DVD’s! haha) of Michael Jackson, and I thought, “I want to be like him. I want to be a girl version of Michael Jackson.”


5. If you weren’t a singer, what would you have become instead?

Hmm, hard question! Probably a dancer though, or an actress; something that enables me to creatively express myself.

-”I honestly felt like, FINALLY!”

6. You made your debut in 2003 with the single “Rain”, and released your first album “Flower of Life” later on. How did it feel to finally get your music out there, and what was the process like?

Since I wanted to be a singer for the longest time, I honestly felt like, “FINALLY! I have my music out there for everyone to hear!” It was excitement and relief mixed together almost.

I recorded “Rain” at my home studio, so I would come straight home from school (I was a freshman in high school at the time) and record till midnight, then do my homework, go to sleep, wake up, go to school and record again. I recorded my “Flower of Life” album during summer vacation at my home studio as well.


7. Your latest singles “Take Me Away” and “Wanna Dance” are up tempo tracks. Is that the concept you’re going with for the next album?

My next album will be a little more electro and a little more upbeat. That doesn’t mean I won’t add any classic ballad tunes, though J


8. How has your music evolved over the years since your debut in 2003?

I think my music has become more catered to people my age. When I made my debut, a lot of my fans were much older than me, like in their 30s or 40s. Now, although I do have fans who are in their 30s or 40s, I feel that the majority of my fans are in their 20s or younger.


9. When will you be releasing your second album, and do you have any plans on touring overseas anytime soon?

I’m hoping to release an album this year. And I would love to go on tour overseas!


10. Explain what the experience was like working with M-Flo, and also performing with them during their tour?

Taku and VERBAL are both very talented, respectful, and professional artists. They have always respected ideas I had in song making as well as performing onstage. They’re fun to perform with and talk to. I learned a lot from them as an artist and as a human being.


11. You’re currently attending university? what are you studying, and how do you manage school and your music career?

Actually, I graduated last year! I majored in Comparative Culture; I studied mainly Japanese literature. I’ve been balancing school and work since high school, so I’m used to that lifestyle. I would go to school, come back home, record, then study, and go to sleep. I remember doing my homework when I was on tour with m-flo—I’d go onstage, do my thing, go back to my dressing room, study for my kanji test, then go back onstage to perform. The staff members and other artists thought I was crazy—they even took pictures of me studying!


12. I learned that some of your hobbies include painting, calligraphy, reading, playing the piano and drums. Tell us something that your fans might not already know about you?

I painted a mouse using traditional Japanese ink and brush (used for calligraphy) in elementary school, and I won an art competition for it. It was published in a region-wide art book of students’ artworks.


Emyli is truly the definition of being multi-talented. The entertainer, hailing from Tokyo, Japan, can belt out those vocals as well as throw down some hot moves on the dance floor. In keeping busy by working hard on her growing music career, Emyli still tries to “keep a good balance in all aspects of her life”.

Read her responses to the ’10 quickies’ below, and get to understand Emyli on a deeper level beyond the artist:

1.) What is your one-line positive thinking mantra?

Work hard, play hard! J


2.) Describe your personality?

Introverted, yet outgoing with the people I feel comfortable with… I’m also a very private person.


3.) What practices have you adopted that have led to a healthier lifestyle?

Dancing has always kept me in shape physically, mentally and emotionally.

4.)  The world is going green, have you embraced the trend?

I’ve always divided trash into combustible and non-combustible and plastic bottles. Japan has always been very neat (and actually pretty strict) in regards to dividing trash, so whenever I go to a foreign country, I feel kind of guilty to just throw all trash into one trash can.


5.) Provide us with a few tips and tricks for holistic living?

Try to keep a good balance in all aspects of your life—for example, you can’t just work work work, or play play play, but work, play, rest, be thankful, be appreciative of all the things you have in life. Love and cherish those around you, and the same energy will come back to you.


6.) Describe your fashion style?

Mode and mannish.


7.) How do you unwind after a long week?

I sleep as much as I can. Watching a movie with a nice glass of wine is nice, too J


8.) What empowers you?

My family, friends, people who work hard all empower me to do more, do better, strive higher.


9.) What is your favorite cuisine?

I love Japanese food, but I also love anything spicy!


10.) How do you creatively express yourself?

I express myself creatively through songwriting, the way I sing, the way I present myself onstage, the way I dress.

Thanks "Embrace You" for this lovely interview!!! Source 1 Source 2 



30th-Dec-2010 05:40 pm - New song for download

Emyli's song "Champion" is on this soundtrack for the Anime panty and stocking with garter belt.

Track List:
01. Theme for Panty & Stocking / Hoshina Anniversary
02. Immoral Church / TeddyLoid & ☆Taku Takahashi
03. Fly Away / TeddyLoid
04. Daten City / TeddyLoid
05. Beverly Hills Cock / TCY FORCE
06. Pantscada / TCY FORCE
07. Dancefloor Orgy / TeddyLoid
08. D City Rock feat. Debra Zeer / TeddyLoid
09. Juice / Jun Sasaki
10. EPTM feat. Kodai of KinKieS(Booty Bronx Remix) / Hoshina Anniversary
11. Cherryboy Riot / TeddyLoid
12. Technodildo / Hoshina Anniversary
13. CHOCOLAT feat. Mariya Ise / TCY FORCE
14. Theme for Scanty & Knee Socks / TeddyLoid
15. Schranz Chase / Booty Bronx
16. Tenga Step / TCY FORCE
17. See-Through / Hoshina Anniversary
18. Corset Theme / TeddyLoid
>>>EMYLI<<<<19. Champion feat. Emyli / TCY FORCE
20. Fallen Angel feat. Aimee B / Mitsunori Ikeda

The community is locked so you have to be a member in order to download it


Enjoy! :) it's a cute song

12th-Oct-2010 02:26 pm - Info on the Ems ;)

Now that Emyli is a college graduate she is really focussing on her music lately!

She is constantly writing music for herself and for other artist as well. :)

Recently, Emyli is in the studio with DJ TAKU working on a song that Emyli co-wrote and will be collaborating on the project as well!!

Emyli, DJ Taku, and voice over actor Mariya Ise in the studio

The song is for an Anime called "Panty Stocking With Garter belt" so be sure to look out for that and listen to her song!!! <3

20th-Sep-2010 02:43 pm - Emyli's Official website!!!
Cheezing Keita

Emyli finally has an Official website!!!


Please check it out!!!


Emyli graduated from college!!!

Congrats Emyli!!! Now hopefully she can focus on music only :)))


Emyli's NEW Party single "Wanna Dance" for download

Click>>>>>Here in this entry<<<<Click

The entry is LOCKED it's members only who can download it

Enjoy :)))

Smiley Teruma

1. we have lyrics for Emyli's "Take me Away" but it's members only

2. Emyli will be releasing her new song called "Wanna Dance" this week 7/23 >_< look out for it! it will be released out on these sites



and also itunes!

Emyli is also touring with MAKAI for his "Love Lite" album :)))))

Ganbatte Milly

2010-06-22  終ったー!!

The last live,

is over!!!


Fans who came last year,

came again !!!


Thank you very much

そして あの KONISHIKIさんも
and Kinishiki-san also

kindly came

OKINAWA clouds

ほんと 素敵でした
It was really beautiful

the sea was also pretty

All my staff is very nice

It was so fun!

I want to come again


x x x

2010-06-23 到着(Arrival)

I'm back in Tokyo

The view from the air plane

It was very pretty


x x x


2010-06-17 空港へ (AirPort)

Private Jet...

It is not but

I reserved a bus!

今 空港へ向かってまーす
Now going toward the airport


2010-06-18 一日目(Day 1)


Day 1 of the live,

I was successful!

Okinawa's guest are,

suteki! Lovely!


x x x

16th-Jun-2010 09:06 pm - 2010-06-16 沖縄!!(Okinawa!!)

One week from tomorrow

I'm ging to Okinawa

オクマリゾートの PARAISO で

ライブしてきます!!!! о(ж>▽<)y ☆
I'm going to do a live!!!!



x x x

*congrats Ems!*

31st-May-2010 08:21 pm - 写真 (Picture) 2010-05-29


Looking at old photos


Inspired me

I wrote 2 songs

How is everyone?

久々に写真 アップ!
It's been a while since I put a picture up!

髪 ボサボサ
My hair is messy


*Emyli is too cute!!! Yay keep writing songs lol*
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